Do You Want to Be an Affiliate?

What is the Affiliate Program

Being an affiliate means being a part of a group of people that make ticket sales for us. For any sale you make, you will get 20% of the price of the ticket. There are ways to earn an even bigger percentage of the sale, we will share those details in the section called "The Downline".

Our affiliate program differs from others in that there is no commitment or buy-in necessary. We give you a code, you give us an email associated with a Paypal account, you make sales, and you get money in your Paypal automatically! No commitment to make X number of sales, and you can work it as much or as little as you like. It can be a way to make some extra cash, or a full income!

So How Does It Actually Work?

Choose an alias to be your affiliate code, for example "superman." Then, choose which of our sites you would like to make sales for. (Right now we are only offering this on our platform, but we will soon be offering it on more of our platforms.) Your unique affiliate URL becomes the full URL of the page we are promoting. For example: "", plus your affiliate code. When an affiliate code is attached to a URL, you must put "?markcode=" in front of the code. So your complete affiliate URL would be "".

When someone comes to the site using your unique URL, you get credit for all of the purchases they make on the site. Even if they don't buy something immediately, but come back later, or go to a different page. As long as they do not clear their browser's local storage, or return to the site with someone else's code, you will get credit for all of their purchases from there on out.

After the concert, our system will calculate all of the sales made using your affiliate code and pay out your portion of the sale to the email associated with your Paypal account.

The Downline

The downline is what one would traditionally associate with a multi-tiered marketing structure. What makes us different is that there is no buy-in or commitment. So you have 0 overhead at all times, and no pressures to make sales.

The downline is simply a way to encourage affiliates like you to recruit more people to be affiliates. When you recruit someone to be an affiliate, they become a part of your downline. What does it mean to have a downline? It means that you will get a percentage of their sales. Not from the 20% that each affiliate earns from each sale, but from an additional 20% of each sale that is available for the upline of that person. Up/down lines can be of any size, but the payouts are limited to a depth of 7 people.

Checkout the section below to get deeper into the numbers.

The Numbers

The percentage of a sale you earn at each level of your downline is as follows: 20% for a sale made by you. 13.6% for a sale made by your recruit. 3.4% for a sale made by your recruit's recruit. And subsequently 1.13%, 0.56%, 0.47%, 0.42% and 0.39% until you get to the downline payout depth max of 7 levels.

Here is a visualization of a sample downline with the values calculated under the assumption that a ticket is sold at the price of $10.00 and that every person in the example sells only 1 ticket.

We reserve the right to change the percentage of payout at any time. This is because some concerts might have different needs or we might run promotions to encourage affiliates to sell more of a certain ticket. Payout percentages may vary by concert or by SKU.

Ideas to Get You Started

  • Physical Advertising - Print out small flyers with a QR code for your affiliate link, leave at the checkout counter of coffee shops, bars etc.

  • Event Planning - Organize team building events for a wide variety of audiences.

    • Event Structure:

      • Have a large room where everyone can watch the event and project concert on a big screen (ideally work with groups that already have access to a room like this)

      • Teams of 5 or 6 people at a table in teams with someone who can input the trivia answers and send messages to band for them on a mobile device.

      • Optional: Have an MC for the event to get people excited about playing trivia and pit teams against each other.

      • Optional: Help organize catering, drinks or snacks.

    • Potential places where this could work:

      • Companies - talk to the people person or team leaders and ask if they want to do a team building event

      • Nursing Homes / Assisted Living Centers - talk to the entertainment coordinator and ask if they want to do concert nights, make sure there are enough people who can work a phone for the trivia part.

      • Social clubs, sports leagues, neighborhood community groups, community bands

      • Any kind of group that you can imagine having a holiday party, might be keen to have a concert party throughout the year.

    • If you help organize an event like this, you could sell anywhere from 10-500 tickets in one go

  • Network Leveraging - Sell to friends, family, coworkers

  • Social Media Advertising - Make post campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Craigslist, etc.

  • Venue Partnerships - Find a local venue that might be having a hard time and not having any events to partner with and help you advertise and make an event at the venue. Venue ideas: theatres, night clubs, music halls, concert venues, catering halls

  • NGO Partnerships - Partner with NGOs to help raise funds for their cause and leverage their network.

  • Restaurant/Pub Partnerships - Since our shows have a trivia game throughout them, you could sell tickets to restaurants for them to host "pub quiz" nights and use our show as their entertainment.

  • Solidarity Codes - If you know someone or a group who is in need (think neighbor who's house has been destroyed by flooding, someone who lost their job, etc.) we can create a code for them and you can use that code when selling tickets and the proceeds will benefit them.