Be a "Gambler" tonight and view "The Greatest" Music of Kenny Rogers

The Kenny Rogers Band "Through The Years" Features the Vocal & Musical Talent of Don Gatlin

Event Details

Date: 12/05/2020

Start Time: 22:00:00

Location: Streaming

How To Join

An email will be sent to all ticket holders prior to the event with specific instructions. Don't worry, it's as easy as clicking a link to join!

What To Expect

We've Got Tonight - Who Needs Tomorrow? Live stream right into your home you will have the BEST seat in the house when The Kenny Rogers Band "Through The Years " featuring Don Gatlin take the stage Live from Nashville. The band will play Kenny Rogers popular songs and you will get to know the band that had been with Kenny for 40 Years.

Ipad with Band on It
About the Band

An Absolute “Must See”

We were thrilled to host Kenny's Band. Edgar said the guys would love to get together, and that is what we needed at this time....althought virtual, I could feel the emotion and love of Kenny's music. I am forever grateful to Edgar Struble for making this production happen. Thank you all!

Influences and Inspiration

Through the Years gives the audience an experience that they can’t get anywhere else. Presenting the songs of Kenny Rogers the way that he performed them, from the band who knew him best, from Carnegie Hall, to Albert Hall, from Sydney Opera House to the Grand Ole’ Opry as well as the thousands of cities from all over the world playing live, to well over 40 million fans in the 40 years of touring with Kenny.


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